With remembering that is. I left the Gas Board in 1987, to drive an old Landrover 109 down to “The Farm”, a magical place just a few miles from the border with Spain. I had been travelling there for a few years and one day  decided to just go. I will write more about Mas Justafre..

I was sitting in a field, with a pen and a pad, enjoying the sunshine and thought of someone I knew from school. His name was Pete Townsend… Who was friends with David Mullins, Paul Murfin, Grant and Tony Sheavyn. I started listing names, classes,  memories I suppose. Over the years I have also saved a lot of tickets and programmes, souvenirs that I can actually date, and from there I will remember who I was with, where, and have some memory of the event. I just remember stuff…..

Anyway, I do think that everyone has a story to tell, lets start with the good bits shall we!!

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